Agile Transformation Leadership

Agile Transformation Leadership

Workshop for leaders in Agile transition

Trainer: Pascal Koppenhagen & Arjan van Bommel

Your organization is turning over to agility and speed of change and therefore introduces agile, scrum, kanban or lean as the new way of working. ‘Projects’ are old fashioned and ‘continuous delivery’ is becoming the new standard. Scrum teams, sprints, tribes, release trains and retrospectives form the new reality. But are your people already turned over? Is your organization already set up? And are you ready for it?

Our experience with Agile transformations teaches that it is not easy. There are invalid assumptions, old and new thinking run apart, quick wins stay out or managers meet resistance. You are highly challenged to meet up with the high expectations.

This workshop provides you with the insight to adjust your leadership style and shape the adaptable organization of the future. Are you up for the challenge? (more…)