Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management

Introduction Course

Trainers: Arjan van Bommel and Johan Martens

You are made responsible for one or more projects. You are expected to “Deliver the project on time within the budget and as required!” That sounds obvious, but today’s rapid and constant evolving organizations and ever changing technology contain a lot of challenges to stay on track and keep costs under control while satisfying all quality requirements. You have to deal with your executives, managers, specialists, suppliers and have to involve or motivate other working forces as well. Such missions require a structured approach! This practical introduction course gives an answer to common project planning and management pitfalls, based on the latest insights from the field.


‘Practical Project Management’ follows the life cycle of the project:

  • When do we have a project?
  • How does it start?
  • How to prepare and plan for the project?
  • How to monitor and control it?
  • How to deal with changes and uncertainties?
  • How to hand-over and close the project?

Project roles such as project manager, executive, project board, project support and project member are explained. You are provided with tools, techniques and templates to use tomorrow. The course mixes useful guidelines and theory with practical cases and exercises together with vivid field experience from the trainer. Cases are preferably derived from your own working environment.

Learning objectives

Acquire basic knowledge and techniques to be able to lead small to medium sized projects within an organization environment.

Course Benefits

  • Knowledge of the characteristics, success and fail factors of projects
  • Familiarity with the main concepts and principles of project planning and management
  • Practical method and basic techniques you can apply in your organization
  • Basic communication skills for leading projects.


For managers and professionals who just started in a project management role, preferably with some hands-on experience in the field. No specific knowledge of project management required.


3 days or 6 day-part sessions


  • What is a project?
  • Success and fail factors of projects
  • Project and mother organization
  • Project structures
  • Initiating and defining your project
  • Objectives, outcomes and scope
  • Project requirements and quality
  • Phases and planning techniques
  • Controlling time, costs, quality and scope
  • Managing benefits
  • Progress reporting
  • Dealing with uncertainties and risks
  • Changes during the project
  • Team organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Communication with your executive, project team and project environment
  • Hand-over and maintenance
  • Personal action plan
  • Course evaluation


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office-buildingThis training is also offered as an on-site event. Dates and times will be arranged according to company requirements. The course can be alternatively planned in 6 afternoon or evening sessions. Please contact us for a tailor-made offering.



Review of start documents and project plans, free for all delegates during three months after the training course. Optional:

  • Formal project training and certification (PRINCE2™, IPMA, PMI)
  • MS Project / EPM tooling courses
  • Basic Project Management Skills: personal, interpersonal and managerial
  • Effective Presentation skills
  • Time & Stress management