Project Management for specialists & consultants

Project Management for specialists & consultants

A two day introduction for team members

Trainers: Arjan van Bommel and Johan Martens

successful-collaborationAs a professional (consultant or area specialist) you are constantly involved in projects. Many of your activities are embedded in a temporary organization dedicated to deliver specific outcomes, products and services. Besides project work, you are also facing ongoing and ad-hoc activities that require a lot of your time and attention. Therefore, you need to establish a better control over your activities; find a balance between project and regular work; and manage the expectations that others have about the outcomes of your work.

Establishing a better communication with all your stakeholders (executive, managers, clients, colleagues, team members) and (re)structuring your workflow with planning will help you to get more effective.


Basic course in project management and project oriented work focussed at the role that area specialists and other team members fulfill in the project.

This training course gives you the insights to be more effective in your projects. We look at the project life-cycle but also at combining projects with other responsibilities.

We also address the relation corporate organisation versus projects and the interaction with the project manager. Planning and communication are the key elements for that.

Learning objective

Acquire professional knowledge and techniques to be able to participate effectively in projects of all sorts within an organisation environment.

Course Benefits

  • Practical approach and basic techniques you can apply in your working situation
  • Methodological as well as interpersonal skills
  • Improve the communication with your team, your project manager and your executive


Consultants, area specialists and other professionals in a team member or team manager role within projects (non- project managers)


2 days


  • General project management principles
  • Project definition
  • Project organization
  • Defining your Work package
  • Planning
  • Context analysis
  • Team organization and roles
  • Time management principles
  • Communication strategies


Two hours of coaching (optional), free for all delegates during three months after the training course.

Courses that link up with this course:

  • Formal project training and certification (PRINCE2™, IPMA, PMI)
  • MS Project / EPM tooling courses
  • Project Leadership I: personal, interpersonal and managerial skills
  • Effective Presentation skills
  • Time & Stress management