Scrum™ Product Owner

Scrum™ Product Owner

2-day training course and certification

Trainer: Paul Wijntjes

In succession to the Scrum Master training, we also offer training for the 2nd and essential role in Scrum: the Product Owner. Participants will be prepared for the Professional Scrum Product Owner™ certification exam.

The Product Owner combines the traditional role of Business Analyst, Project Manager and Product Manager. The Product Owner operates at a strategic and tactical level and acts as the bridge between stakeholders and the development team; he is responsible for the quality and content of the product, it creates a shared vision and translates it into technical choices. This is a comprehensive role which is difficult and which includes many pitfalls.

This two-day training course combines theory with practical exercises, so that you are prepared for the online exam a few weeks after the course.

For whom?

Aimed at all business functions, IT managers, designers, testers, project and product managers, executives, etc. that (will) play a Product Owner role in an Agile / Scrum environment. It is essential that you are thoroughly familiair with the principles of Scrum already to incorporate the theory and learn from the practical assignments.


You can reserve a date in our open to subscription agenda. Take a look at our upcoming Product Owner events.

office-buildingThis training is also offered as an on-site event. Dates and times will be arranged according to company requirements. The course can be alternatively planned in 4 afternoon or evening sessions. Please contact us for a tailor-made offering.